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Subscriber services overview

Electronic Publishing Market Intelligence and Advisory Service

Content providers are surrounded by challenges:

  • Competition is increasing, with technology developments throwing up new competitors;
  • Opportunities are growing, as networks enable companies to tackle new markets and previously-unreachable geographic regions;
  • Technology is moving at an increasingly rapid pace – understanding its impact is key to effective competition;
  • Legal environments are in flux – making sure that the law works for you, and that you understand its limitations, is vital;
  • Co-opetition: competitors are becoming potential allies in the networked economy, as working together can throw up more benefits than continuing competition;
  • Customers are becoming ever more demanding – understanding user needs and expectations enables development teams to make the right decisions.

For organisations who need to understand and respond to the constant challenges of the publishing industry, we provide informed market intelligence and trusted confidential advice. In this way, we help our clients to make better business decisions, manage their risk and strengthen their performance in the market.

Business Benefits
The Electronic Publishing Market Intelligence and Advisory Service enables our clients to:

  • Understand the directions in which these marketplaces are moving;
  • Learn from e-publishing experiences in other sectors;
  • Construct effective strategies to stay ahead of the game.
  • Evaluate the opportunities and challenges presented by new technologies, not only on the publishing process, but on user behaviour and attitudes;
  • Appraise competitor activities.

The retainer relationship between Electronic Publishing and its clients facilitates ongoing communication in response to client needs.

Sector expertise
Electronic Publishing provides market intelligence and advice on a range of sectors within the global publishing marketplace:

  • Scientific, Technical and Medical;
  • Education (school, further education, higher education, corporate training);
  • Professional (legal, accountancy, financial services);
  • Business to Business;
  • Newspaper content;
  • Public Sector.

Our clients
Electronic Publishing clients are:

  • Publishers;
  • Technology players;
  • Media analysts and investment banks;
  • Industry associations;
  • Internet start-ups.